A world for the open creatively minded people


Creative Shroud will endeavour to  help artists of all fields from , music , art , film , video , Poetry ,digital mediums  for self expression to show case their work and have a platform to share and sell their creativity through.

We will help where possible to support the making of music, develop merchandise to sell promote their work globally and define a unique environment that will bring a new and open space for different people to be themselves regardless of what mass consciousness feels comfortable with.

The world of the future we want is not necessarily one that fits nicely into our  world view but one that can coexist with the differences that are and always will be there.We have always been at a cross roads as a species that wants to kill ,eradicate , change reprogram what is different to our subjective understanding of the world we perceive based on our cultural, religious , social experiences that have been handed down to us from our ancestors, parents and governments in power.

Through creativity and important introspection everyone can build a framework  that allows them more varied and different options or solutions to explore the world we inhabit through many different lenses.



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